Tentative Schedule:

1. Identify a model program known for its use of sensory stimulation in water.

2. After learning foundational principles, generate 1-2 reasons why sensory and motor integration is a natural fit for many aquatic settings.

3. Compare and contrast the relative benefits of 3-4 items, available in pediatric clinics, which can be used to transform a pool into a sensory and motor room.

4. Without assistance from instructor, create a specialized shopping list of items which can be inexpensively purchased at a Dollar Store and used in the pool setting.

5. After being provided with examples, craft a unique sample home program for parents/caregivers who wish to incorporate 3-4 sensory/motor tasks in the shower, bathtub or community pool.

6. Describe where to obtain hands-on training in 1-2 techniques (such as NDT, Watsu or Halliwick)

7. Without assistance from instructors, choose 1-2 aquatic tasks or activities which can be appropriately performed at each of the following stations in the pool:

  • Shower or hot tub
  • Pool side (edge of pool)
  • Pool side (in water)
  • Pool bottom in shallow water
  • Platform
  • Ramp
  • Ladder
  • Floatation mat
  • Therapist as platform
  • Held by therapist
  • Free in water (swimming, underwater)
  • Using playground equipment
  • Supported by equipment
  • Near jets or current
  • Treadmill

8. Analyze the respective merits of 1-2 aquatic activities in order to increase or diminish:

vestibular input
tactile input
proprioceptive input
auditory input
visual input
and implement appropriately in a lab setting.

9. With a partner, design and implement a unique 15-minute aquatic treatment plan (including equipment selection) for the most common pediatric diagnoses.

10. Design progressions of aquatic treatment programs incorporating and blending a variety of aquatic therapy techniques and utilizing each technique at the appropriate stage in rehabilitation.

Location:               Holiday Inn - Westway Park

                                 Houston, Texas

Dates:                    November 19 - 20, 2016

Instructor:            Kiki Dickinson, MPT, PAqI

Credits:                 16.0 hrs (18 CCUs for FSBPT)

ATU Course #:      PS831

Cost:                       $595

Discounted Hotel Room Rate:  $82 / night

Learning Objectives:

Cancellation Policy:

* All split payment obligations should be paid in full by October 19, 2016.  Initial split payment reserves your seat for the event. If second payment is not received, initial payment will be forfeited.

Aquatic Sensory & Motor Integration for the Lifespan: Pediatric to Geriatric

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8:30-12:00 - Lecture

12:00-1:00 - Lunch

1:00-3:40 - Pool Lab

3:40-4:00 - Energy Break

4:00-5:45 - Pool Lab

5:45-6:00 - Wrap up & Discussions


8:30-12:00 - Lecture

12:00-1:00 - Lunch

1:00-3:40 - Pool Lab

3:40-4:00 - Energy Break

4:00-5:45 - Pool Lab

Host Facility:

Holiday Inn - Westway Park
4606 Westway Park Blvd.
Houston, TX  77041

(713) 996-8200

This 2-day seminar is designed to teach your staff how to transition your therapy pool into a sensory and motor planning room. Extrapolated from the 16 treatment station concept, therapists will harness the use of common everyday items such as bath blankets, snow shovels, umbrellas, polyspots and clingy clothes to create a sensory effect and to achieve a functional motor response.

This seminar also Includes information on integrating primitive reflexes into aquatic session. Each exercise and activity will be examined from the perspective of all the senses: vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive, visual and auditory.

November 19th - November 20th, 2016

This class is hosted by Pisces Aquatic Services, an ATU affiliate. Due to unforeseen circumstances, schedules, instructors and/or meals may need to be changed without notice. Full refund minus $175 administration fee for cancellations 30 days prior to the course date.  The fee is non-refundable for cancellations after the 30 day deadline, which is October 19, 2016. Students may transfer their registration to another co-worker or colleague with advanced notification. In the event that class is canceled by Pisces Aquatic Services, a full refund will be issued.


P.O. Box 35322 Houston TX 77235