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General Questions:

Question:            Who all can attend these Aquatic Therapy events?


While Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) classes are designed primarily for the licensed PT/PTA, OT/OTA and SLP, we often have equal numbers of LMTs, CTRSs, ATCs, APEs, CSCSs, exercise physiologists and other professionals attend.

Question:            I have had difficulty in cold pools. What is the temperature of the pool at these classes?             


Nobody wants to learn in a cold pool. That is why we make every effort to conduct our classes in warm-water pools that are heated between 90-94 degrees.

Question:            Do you all work out deals with hotels?    


Yes we do. We usually work out deals with nearby hotels to get a block of rooms reserved at a discounted rate. See our specific class tab for specific hotel information. You may want to room with 1 or 2 of your colleagues and significantly reduce your total cost.


Questions about CEUs / CCUs / Contact Hours:

Question:            Are your classes pre-approved for PTs?


Since we are affiliated with Aquatic Therapy University, they have a partnership with the Federated State Boards of Physical Therapy for a national CEU standard for PTs. A number of these courses have already been pre-approved by their ProCert program. These courses represent our most popular content and their CCUs are often granted in excess of the actual course hours taken. The following 19 states currently recognize CCUs from the FSBPT:  Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Question:            What other organizations recognize ATU courses?


ATC:  ATU is a nationally recognized (BOCA) CE provider for the athletic trainer.

PT/ OT:  ATU classes always meet the host state's standards for physical therapy (PT) and (OT) occupational therapy CE. Courses get approved through APTA for PTs / PTAs and TOTA for OTs / OTAs.

SLP/ TRS (CTRS)/ KT/MT:  These courses usually get approved for CE credit through ASHA, AKTA, ATRA, NCBTMB and other professional organizations. Feel free to request information for your specific situation / licensure.

ATU Credentialing

ATU has created the perfect alternative:  The Aquaticist℠ credential.

The ATU Aquaticist℠ (Aq) designation will be granted to therapy professionals who earn a minimum of 84 hours in a specific ATU Certificate Program. To be Aquaticist℠ recognized, therapists must provide verification of their diploma and state license and pool experience as a therapist prior to using designation.

Aquaticist-In-Training℠(AIT): ATU also offers an interim title that can be earned after just 36 ATU credits. As this credential is designed for those therapists who have yet to declare a specialty, these classes can be taken in any order or track. NOTE: verification of professional standing is still required for the AIT credential.

Health care providers may seek their advanced recognition though ATU by following one of these Specialty Tracks.




Providers may also pursue a General Studies track.


Not a licensed therapist?  Try Aquatic Therapy University’s ATP and ATA credentials.

Aquatic Therapy Professional (ATP) Available to all other healthcare providers that have an underlying hands-on recognition. The ATU Aquatic Therapy Professional (ATP) designation will be granted to all state- or nationally-recognized providers who earn a minimum of 84 hours in a specific ATU Certificate Program. Students must submit verification of a valid license, certification or registration as a health care provider prior to using designation.

Additionally, ATU offers an Aquatic Therapy Associate (ATA) designation. This interim title allows you to be recognized after just 36 ATU credits.

Feel free to visit ATU’s website for more information regarding credentialing requirements


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)